Powerful Unifid Application,
Server and Network Monitoring

Total Plus License

โซลูชั่นการตรวจสอบระบบเน็ตเวิร์ก, เซิร์ฟเวอร์, ตรวจสอบ Network Traffic, ระบบ Virtual , Application ตลอดจนระบบการจัดการ Configuration

Ipswitch® WhatsUp Gold Total Plus Edition is powerful, easy to try, buy and
use software that makes unifid server and network monitoring easy.
Your IT team gets the control, insight and automated resolution needed to:
›  Find and fi problems before your users are impacted
› Automate discovery, mapping, monitoring and alerting, inventory and reporting
› Monitor wired and wireless devices

Total Plus Features:

  • Discovery
  • Availability & Status
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Advanced Monitoring (WMI, SSH, HTTPS)
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Virtual Monitoring
  • Application and Web Monitoring
  • Storage Monitoring
  • Distributed Network Monitoring
  • Automatic/Manual Failover
  • Five Scalability Pollers

Automated Discovery & Mapping
WhatsUp Gold Layer 2/3 Discovery identifis all of the devices on your network including your
routers, switches, servers, access points and more. WhatsUp Gold features Seed Scan technology
which discovers all devices on the network by automatically learning your network topology. It can
also discover the network using an IP Range Scan, from a Start and End IP Address and discovers all
port-to-port connectivity and network dependencies.

WhatsUp Gold automatically generates Layer 2/3 network maps of your core infrastructure, Windows®
infrastructure, wireless infrastructure and more. It monitors wireless LAN Controllers, Access Points,
servers, printers and more. The unique interactive network map displays your entire IT environment
from end-to-end, quickly showing the status of every device and letting you see your end-to-end
network health at a glance. Network administrators can click on any device to instantly display its
status, properties and assigned monitors, or they can drill-down to dashboards displaying detailed
performance data.

Manage & Monitor Your Infrastructure

WhatsUp Gold continuously monitors the availability and performance of your infrastructure from
routers, switches, and fiewalls through to your servers and applications. In short, WhatsUp Gold
can monitor anything with an IP address that can be accessed with standard monitoring protocols
including ICMP, SNMP, WMI and SSH.
Application Monitoring
WhatsUp Goldprovides turnkey Application Profies
that let you easily monitor availability performance
of popular Microsoft applications such as Exchange,
SharePoint®, Dynamics, Lync®, SQL Server®, DNS,
Internet Information Services (IIS), Active Directory®
and Hyper-V® as well as Linux systems and Apache
web servers (Linux or Microsoft based). You can also
easily create profies for your in-house applications
with an easy-to-use profie tool.
Network Traffi Analysis
WhatsUp Gold collects network traff flw records
using Cisco NetFlow, NetFlow-Lite and NSEL,
Juniper J-Flow, sFlow, and IPFIX protocols for
extensive multi-vendor networks. This allows you
to optimize network performance, isolate network
traff anomalies and bottlenecks and establish
bandwidth usage policies. WhatsUp Gold monitors,
alerts, and reports on interface traff and bandwidth
utilization. It provides detailed and actionable
data on the top senders, receivers, conversations,
applications, and protocols consuming network

Virtual Monitoring
WhatsUp Gold discovers, maps, monitors, alerts
and reports on performance for virtual hosts and
guests in real-time. It keeps an up-to-date list of
all virtual hosts and attributes. It monitors the
performance and resource consumption of hosts
and guests, including CPU, Memory, Disk and
Interface Utilization. It monitors the availability and
performance of virtual servers and collects event logs
using both VMware and Hyper-V technologies.
Confiuration & Change Management

WhatsUp Gold automates confiuration and
change management for the routers, switches
and fiewalls on your network. It archives and
audits network confiurations, and alerts and
reports on any changes. Network Administrators
can ensure that all devices are running
authorized confiurations to secure the network
and comply with regulatory standards. This
reduces the time and costs associated with
manual and repetitive confiuration and change
management tasks. Regular audits can be
scheduled to run on network devices in order to
prove compliance with archived confiurations
with out-of-the-box confiuration templates.
Distributed Monitoring
WhatsUp Gold extends your visibility by monitoring distributed networks and including ten scalability pollers. This extends your network monitoring capabilities to let you monitor devices on networks segmented across multiple geographic locations. This makes it easy to support larger and more geographically diverse networks and provides users out-of-the-box functionality with the ability to view centralized reports from the remote sites and provide proactive network monitoring across a distributed environment.

Automatic & Manual Failover
WhatsUp Gold Failover ensures high-availability operation for your WhatsUp Gold server. This allows you to setup automatic failover that can be based on specifi event occurrences or conditions that can trigger a failover to a backup server. If you need more flxibility and control, a failover can be initiated manually for scheduled maintenance or planned outages and downtime.

Smart Alerting & Actions
WhatsUp Gold provides real-time alerts via email, text, and logging. Alerts empower you to proactively respond to problems before they impact users, applications and the business. WhatsUp Gold issues an alert when a device or monitor changes state (e.g., from an up state to a down state) or when a performance threshold is exceeded – for example, when memory utilization exceeds 75 percent. WhatsUp Gold’s “smart” alerting uses the network dependencies automatically identifid in the discovery process to eliminate alert storms and quickly identify the root causes of network problems. The WhatsUp Gold Alert Center displays threshold-based alerts in a single dashboard.

You can create action policies for alerts including event logging, email, texting, and automated self-healing actions such as restarting an application service or any other action that can be initiated by a PowerShell script.

Reporting & Inventory
WhatsUp Gold delivers an easy-to-customize reporting environment. You can select from hundreds of out-of-the-box views or easily create drag-and-drop dashboards that provide a quick assessment of overall IT health – even detailed drill-down dashboards to isolate the root causes of performance problems. These dashboards can help you quickly resolve performance problems across your organization.

Real-time Performance Monitors provide for extremely granular reporting when troubleshooting or isolating an issue. These reports can be added to any dashboard view and confiured to display real time statistics for any performance monitor. With the flxibility to pause and export data these reports can signifiantly improve issue resolution times.

WhatsUp Gold also features integrated inventory reporting including hardware inventory, reports on installed software and updates, warranty reports, and more. These reports save both time and money and can decrease year-end IT inventory activities from weeks to minutes. The reports will also help you fid under-utilized hardware resources that can be re-deployed and identify unlicensed software to avoid expensive true-up costs.


WhatsUp®Gold Total Plus Edition



Network monitoring - Routers, Switches, WLCs, APs, Firewalls 1 Point per device
Server monitoring 1 Point per Server
Virtual Machine monitoring 1 Point per VM
Network traffic analysis 10 Points per Flow Source
Application performance monitoring 10 Points per Application
Configuration management Does Not Consume Points


You purchase the number of points you need (a tier) and allocate them to fit your needs.

Sample Tiers

Sample Monitoring Configuration


  • 100 devices
  • or 50 devices, 4 applications, 1 flow source
  • or 30 devices, 5 applications, 2 flow sources


  • 300 devices
  • or 200 devices, 5 applications, 5 flow sources
  • or 100 devices, 10 applications, 10 flow sources


  • 500 devices
  • or 250 devices, 20 applications, 5 flow sources


  • 1000 devices
  • or 500 devices, 40 applications, 10 flow sources


Reallocate your points at any time - no additional purchase required.