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Server and Network Monitoring

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Fault Coverage

Why settle for this...

With competitors, you pay by the interface or 'monitor'. That means you have to figure out how many interfaces you want to monitor on each device. Often, they'll tell you that 'you only need to monitor a few interface per device'. Our question is 'why compromise'?

Fault Coverage

...when you can have this?

With WhatsUp Gold's device-based licensing you get maximal network monitoring coverage with less effort. Just decide what devices you want to manage and we make it simple from there. You pay by the number of devices you monitor and can 


WhatsUp®Gold Total Plus Edition



Network monitoring - Routers, Switches, WLCs, APs, Firewalls 1 Point per device
Server monitoring 1 Point per Server
Virtual Machine monitoring 1 Point per VM
Network traffic analysis 10 Points per Flow Source
Application performance monitoring 10 Points per Application
Configuration management Does Not Consume Points


You purchase the number of points you need (a tier) and allocate them to fit your needs.

Sample Tiers

Sample Monitoring Configuration


  • 100 devices
  • or 50 devices, 4 applications, 1 flow source
  • or 30 devices, 5 applications, 2 flow sources


  • 300 devices
  • or 200 devices, 5 applications, 5 flow sources
  • or 100 devices, 10 applications, 10 flow sources


  • 500 devices
  • or 250 devices, 20 applications, 5 flow sources


  • 1000 devices
  • or 500 devices, 40 applications, 10 flow sources


Reallocate your points at any time - no additional purchase required.